Putting together an outdoor school education program takes a good amount of organization, planning, and…paperwork! forms are broken down into several areas: Teacher forms (that the person organizing the program needs to fill out) and Student forms (that students and their parents need to fill out online). We also have some great Extras…check them out!

Teacher Forms and Paperwork


  • Enrollment Form: use this to see our current prices and sign up to attend High Trails.
  • Camp Check List: a good overview of everything you need to do to prepare for your trip.
  • Program Form: required for attending schools 30 days in advance, this form gives us specific program information.
  • Cabin/Trail Groups: required for attending schools so we know the names of attending students.
  • T-Shirt List: optional form if you would like to purchase t-shirts for your students.

Parent / Student Forms and Paperwork

School and Teacher Extras

  • Student Journal: an optional written workbook that schools can print for students to use during the week.
  • Getting Ready Games: fun things to do with your students before the trip.
  • Bus Ride Games: fun things for your students to do on the way up to High Trails.
  • Sample Schedule: get a rough idea of the daily schedule at High Trails.
  • Sample Menu: what our kitchen will cook on a two week rotational basis.
  • Food Details: carb counting and allergen specifics for all of our food.

Different Languages?

We don’t provide forms in different languages (there are just too many…), but we do have a good method for you to use if you need a form in a language other than English. If you follow this method we WILL accept the forms.

  1. Go to an online translating tool; we use
  2. Copy the link for the form you need, paste it into the translating tool, and hit translate. Translated text will appear. (The easiest way to get the link for the form is to right click on the link itself and hit “copy link location”; use this to paste into your translating tool).
  3. Print out the Original English Form and the Translated Text. Staple both together.
  4. Have the parent/student fill out and sign the translated form. Important! Be sure when they turn everything in that both forms (English and Translated) are still stapled together.



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