Staff Bios


Staff Bios

Here are the outdoor education instructors and staff that make High Trails happen!


Age: 37

School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wales Aberystwyth – BSC Countryside Management, Post Grad Certificate in Education for Geography. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification.
Experience: Outdoor Education intern-Sierra Nevadas, Adventure Director-Nova Scotia, Overseas Expedition Leader, Mexico, Venezuela, India, Geography teacher, Wales, England
Why I 9njoy working with kids/my philosophy: The world is an awesome and diverse place. I love sharing that with people.
Interests: climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, mountaineering, surfing and anything that is cool outside.


Age: 29
School, Degree and Certifications: Oregon State – BS in Geography; Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification.
Experience: Director of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Green Mountain Conservation Camp. Swim instructor, camp counselor for 5 years, geoscience tutor, National Zoo summer education specialist, and a rowing coach.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids are funny. Kids are curious. It’s so fun to hang out with kids! My current philosophy is to foster a community of young people that grow and challenge each other to become better teachers, community members, and humans in general.
Interests: Mountain biking, flower gardening, book reading, eagle watching, and museuming. Death Valley Queen!


Age: 33
School and Degree: Cornell – BA in History; Colgate University: MA in Teaching Secondary Education; Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification
Experience: Five years of experiential outdoor education in Rhinebeck, New York (the Catskill Region) with at risk youth and children with a broad range of special needs.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy:
1) I see value in supporting children’s comfort outside of their daily routine
2) Teaching children is easy when it’s fun but not always fun when it’s easy
3) I work with children to positively impact today. A positive impact today will establish a positive trajectory for the future
Interests: When I’m not living the dream working outdoors I binge on movies and TV shows, I’ve been know to recreationally read and I dream one day to be an accomplished woodworker, accordion player, and build my own cabin.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Knox College; Environmental Studies
Experience: Elementary Education, Teaching Assistant, Conservation Education
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: The solution to current problems is education. A kid with a well-rounded education is a kid that will solve problems.
Interests: fishing, biking, hiking, country music, cattle, llamas


Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: Hendriz College 2013; Psychology / French
Experience: Crew leader for a conservation corps in the Pacific Northwest; alternative education assistant; counselor at a wilderness canoeing camp, wilderness therapy field guide; lifeguard
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: We are all teachers, and we are all learners! I love helping kids discover their passions and interests while exploring our deep interconnectedness with all things.
Interests: Activating my magical powers!


Age: 29
School, Degree and Certifications: Bachelors of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology
Experience: I am the oldest of my siblings, so I’ve always been familiar with teaching younger kids. This has really kept me young at heart which helps me to easily relate to kids. I also participate in an outdoor education program where I taught 5th graders about birds and mammals.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because I value imagination very highly. I love the way that children look at the world. They see the world for all its wonder, which is so rare these days. This sense of wonder should be stimulated and preserves at all costs. These young visionaries can and will shape the future.
Interests: I am an avid birder, writer, and photographer. I love wildlife and crave new adventures. I love meeting new people to share my life with.


Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: Cedarville University, BS Environmental Science
Experience: Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, McKeever Environmental Learning Center, Delaware Nature Society, Echo Hill Outdoor School
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love the excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity kids have when interacting with the natural world! There’s nothing more exciting than getting outdoors and wandering around the woods, and I’m super excited to share that experience with students!
Interests: I love looking for snakes and lizards and frogs. I’m excited to explore the woods around here more and learn about plants. I also love cooking, and have a legendary pumpkin pudding recipe.


Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: Mount Vernon Nazarene University, BS in Biology (Environmental Track)

Experience: I assisted my mom with her three middle school choirs for several years; I helped at a 7th grade camp leading6an ecology session for 3 years; last summer, I worked performing nest monitoring, vegetation surveys, and assisted with a banding of a white-headed woodpecker in Idaho. Also, all through college, I was lab assistant and led several study groups.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I really enjoy working with kids because they are still learning their niche (just like we are), but we are given the opportunity to help and guide them. I like to see the excitement in their eyes when they make a connection or learn something they can’t wait to share with friends and family. I also really care for the environment and I like to pass along the importance of preserving it, especially to younger generations.
Interests: birding, insects, botany, hiking, reading, baking, dancing (particularly the tap variety) and singing

Andee Outdoor Education instructorAdele

Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Maryland, Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Experience: University of Maryland Hospital: Surgical Acute Care; University of Maryland Outdoor Recreation Center
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids go about their life so open to new ideas and new concepts, as they are consistently learning something new. A chance to introduce new concepts that may bring them joy, a new perspective, or spark their excitement about the outdoors is a thrilling experience.
Interests: Backpacking, reading, sketching, learning new skills and hobbies from great people


Age: 25
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Environmental Science
Experience: I’ve worked for several years at a Wilderness Girl Scout Camp having multiple roles, from guide to program director.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love working with kids because no two are ever the same. They each bring something different to the table which keeps programs and activities fresh. My philosophy is you get out what you put in; if you work hard and put the effort in, relationships, jobs, and hobbies will be so rewarding.
Interests: Coming from Wisconsin, I love anything cold and snow-related. From snowboarding to attending Packer games in -40 degree weather, you can find me outside.

Benn Education instructorBen

Age: 26
School, Degre6 and Certifications: Ozark Christian College, Inter-cultural Studies, Biblical Studies
Experience: Adventure Program Coordinator at CampComo in Como, Colorado. Life Skills Trainer for Skills Unlimited.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love learning and teaching. Kids are full of energy and creativity. I seek to explore the mysteries of truth with everyone. No ego, we go.
Interests: Rafting, Soccer, Climbing, Hiking, Dancing, Family, Music.

Outdoor camp teacherBrad

Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: attended Ohio University: Lancaster
Experience: I am a former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. Two years as a back country leadership program staff member at Camp Moosilauke in Orford, NH; one year as the head of the back country leadership program.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: It took me awhile to find what I consider my passion which is working in and enjoying nature. I feel now that I have this gift, to enjoy beautiful natural places and to know how to survive and thrive in these places, that I must share this gift with younger generations for years to come.
Interests: Hiking, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Running, Cycling, Reading, Health and Fitness, Nutrition.


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Fairfield University, majors – History, Women & Gender Studies; minors – Anthropology, Spanish
Experience: This is my fifth season as an outdoor educator and my twenty second year with a passion for our planet.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Working with and leading groups of kids, especially in the outdoor setting, provides an authentic experience unlike any other in that instructors are able to instill in their students a love for the world around them while students inspire their instructors to have hope for a better future for our planet.
Interests: Yoga; Cooking; Hiking; Traveling; Exploring new places; Researching new topics; Learning new skills; Studying the world around us; Discussing new ideas.

Ikee TrainerIkwe

Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wisconsin: Madison, BA linguistics and Scandinavian Studies
Experience: I have been leading canoe trips in the Boundary Waters for four summers, teaching French, and providing Wilderness Medical Care as a WFR and then a W-EMT. Recently, I worked a ropes course for the public schools of Madison, WI.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love working with kids because they are so curious and constantly discovering new things. I love being able to influence them towards enjoying the outdoors, hoping it will help them have a healthy and fulfilled life in the future. The goal is to have them pick up at least 2% of the enthusiasm for nature that I have.
Interests: canoeing, camping, climbing (all things in the great outdoors); languages, poetry, good books; wilderness medicine; looking at really small things in the woods, like ants and spiderwebs and baby leaves.

Josee Camp TrainerJose

Age: 29
School, Degree and Certifications: Georgia Southern, Bachelor of Business Administration: Finance
Experience: Former youth leader for Young Life. Also used to teach swim lessons to en 12 and under. Volunteer soccer coach for kids U6 leagues.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because of the excitement and energy that they have when learning new things or doing activities. I try to act my age when need be, but I always remember that age is just a number and you can be excited and have fun no matter how old you get.
Interests: I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and am always willing to participate/try any outdoor activity. I also am an avid hockey fan, and enjoy reading and hammock-napping.

Actrivity TrainerKevin

Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: Western Illinois University, major in Recreation, Parks, Tourism, and Administration (RPTA), Therapeutic Recreation, minor in Religious Studies, Psychology, Outdoor Leadership
Experience: I worked at a family summer camp for three years. Worked with individuals with disabilities in day camps, climbing programs, and in outdoor settings. Experience with teaching students, 5th grade to college-age.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they keep me young and keep me thinking outside the box if we teach the youth to respect the environment, we can create a better future for all.
Interests: Exploring, camping, playing music, spinning fire, mycology, healing, having fun, meeting people, showing people new heights

Madelline Education instructorMadeline

Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Vermont, major- Environmental Studies (concentration: Sustainability, Community and Education), minor – Spanish
Experience: 8 years as a camp counselor at the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies, including as the Assistant Director summer of 2017. Outdoor Ed Program Coordinator at Camp Greylock in Ferrisburg, Vermont.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love challenging kids to go out of their comfort zones and try new things. Kids also absorb information and experience such awe and wonder. It is incredibly rewarding to help bring students into those experiences.
Interests: Backpacking, road biking, cooking, singing loudly in my car, Major League Baseball.

Peterr Education instructorPeter

Age: 23
School,Degree and Certifications: University of Redlands, BS Environmental Science
Experience: Worked with kids in multiple environments ranging from teaching swimming to volunteering at the marine center in Newport Beach and many things in between
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love the curiosity and wonder kids can bring to an unknown subject and having the opportunity to shape that into a passion is what brought me here. The outdoors is something I’ve had the luck of being able to experience and love my entire life and I want to be able to spread that among as many people as possible.
Interests: Above everything, I love to surf and rock climb (Trad is Rad!). When I am not in the ocean or on the wall, I enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, reading, drawing, music, underwater basket weaving, climbing trees, sleeping, and just generally being in the outdoors.

Shannonn Education instructorShannon

Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, major: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; minor: Marine Biology
Experience: I’ve had many jobs over my 22 years of life, most of them involving children. I’ve been a camp counselor, a swim instructor, and child care worker, to name a few. I’ve also researched marine ecology, blue jay learning and behavior, frog communication, and effectiveness of cover crops in agriculture.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I think that kids have such a unique perspective on everything. I’m so excited to combine my love of the environment with my passion of teaching children in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States.
Interests: I love anything and everything about animals. Also, I enjoy swimming, scuba diving, hiking, crawling into hotel beds without untucking the sheets, and napping outside. My favorite food is cheese and my spirit animal is an otter.

Suzannee Education instructorSuzanne

Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: Michigan State University, Art Education
Experience: After my student teaching year, I ran off with the circus for a four-month training course. In debt but inspired, I came home and substitute taught for a year. After that, I made my way to Colorado to work as the Arts and Crafts Director at a summer camp, and now split my time between the mountains of Deckers and the mountains of Big Bear.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love trying new things and making personal discoveries; working with kids gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day. Learning about things from kids’ perspectives reminds me how many different ways there are to view the world.
Interests: I love to read – words are the way to my heart. Sometimes I devour books indoors, and other times I pretend to read outside while being distracted by nature. I attempt to settle Catan somewhat often, and enjoy most board games. I pole vault, wander through thrift stores, take long drives with the radio on and seek out quirky activities happening around town.


Age:  29
School, Degree, and Certifications: Pace University – Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies; University of Denver
Experience: I have worked on sustainable farms where children learn where their food comes from. In addition, I have worked for the New York State Park system using plant identification to remove invasive plants and sow native plants.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because of the energy and enthusiasm that they bring when learning about nature.  Learning about forests/ecosystems is a rewarding teaching experience.
Interests: Ballroom Dancing, Plant Identification


Age:  23

School, Degree, and Certifications: Carnegie Mellon University; Bachelor of Science: Chemistry
Experience: I’ve mainly worked in labs doing research for four years. I’ve done some work in cell molecular biology, computational biology, and polymer chemistry.  I’ve also worked for a biotechnology startup in the San Francisco Bay area for a summer on the scientific development team.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids/My Philosophy: My philosophy about working in education is one that I have adopted from one of my favorite teachers in high school.  It’s my way of giving back to my community.  5th and 6th grade science camp was a pivotal moment in my young life and I hope to bring pivotal moments to other young lives.
Interests: Being Outside!!! Rock climbing, tree climbing, mountain climbing, ultimate Frisbee, backpacking, cooking, reading, music, exploring tide pools / being in the ocean, napping, science, yoga, lifting, cats…


Age: 22
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Portland, Bachelors degree: Social work, Minor: psychology
Experience: Worked as a kayak guide for two years. I have done many personal outdoor trips solo and with friends.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: When working with kids I am always in awe by the amount of enthusiasm and energy kids are able to have about really anything they are presented with. I believe that the best way to learn about the outdoors is to spend time in it.
Interests: When I’m not working I enjoy being outside and almost any form of physical activity. Some of my favorite activities are backpacking, sailing, rollerblading, cross country skiing, kayaking, and playing Frisbee. When I’m not outside I enjoy watching Survivor and playing rummy.


Age: 27
School, Degree, and Certification: Berea College, B.A. Political Science
Experience: Canoe Builder, River Expeditioner, Moutain Climber, Chain-saw weilder, lover of goof books, tree-houses, and wool socks. Musician of many strings, pastry-baker, basketballer, writer, brother, scholar, and teacher.
Columbia River Canoe Guide, volunteer with Summer Food Service Program
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Young people deserve to know how we fit in our habitats, how to take care of themselves, and that each of us deserves to thrive. Good education empowers. Learning is never finished.
Interests: I love exploring on land and water, learning as much as possible, and pushing my comfort zones. I love to make music of all kinds, reading anything I can get my hands on, and making food of all varieties.


Age: 26
School, Degree, and Certification: FSU AA in Science (Psychology)
TEFL Certification
Audio Production Certification
Experience: Taught English in Vietnam, Poland, and Hungary. Worked on a river boat in Budapest. Tiny House construction on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hospitality experience in Alaska. Hostel work in San Diego, Big Bear, Israel, and Thailand. Farm hand experience in New Zealand, Hungary, Hawaii, and Malaysia.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I’ve had a difficult time feeling like an adult, trying my best to hold onto my sense of wonder and exploration. Being able to facilitate growth and adventure in others is sometimes both wonderful, and necessary for my young heart to flourish. Having the opportunity to model respectable moral and ethical behaviors is also an amazing and prestigious responsibility.
Interests: writing music, playing guitar, rock climbing, traveling!, watching movies, Frisbee, hiking


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: Univeristy of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Special Education
Experience: I have enjoyed working with kids in various classroom and outdoor settings. Last year I taught special education at an elementary school in Minnesota, and I spend my summers leading canoe trips and teaching French to high school students at camp.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I love seeing the lightbulb moment when kids realize they can be outside, get dirty, and live without the comforts of home. Seeing their growth, even after one week is amazing!
Interests: canoeing, reading, jumping in lakes (especially Lake Superior!)


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: San Diego State University, B.S. in Environmental Science
Experience: I started my outdoor education journey during my junior year of college interning part time at a local San Diego non profit. After a year there, once I graduated, I knew Outdoor Ed was where I wanted to be. Since then I have been working at camps full time.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I attended science camp when I was in fifth grade, and it was the science and the outdoors became really cool and interesting to me. I love sharing my passion and passing on knowledge (as well as gaining some) with kids.
Interests: When I’m outdoors I enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, hammocking, camping and biking. When I’m indoors I like to read, cook, knit, and drink coffee. I travel as much as possible; I have been to 15 countries!


Age: 29
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Wisconsin – La Crosee, Bachelor of Sciencce in Psychology & Biology
Experience: I used to work in psychiatric research before moving over to the education field. Since then, I’ve co-led two girl scout troop, worked as a para, seved in AmeriCorps teaching literacy skills in K-3, and have run many after school programs in tutoring. Destination Imagination, and knitting. I’ve also been a lead teacher
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids:


Age: 25
School, Degree, and Certification: The Evergreen State College with a focus in Environmental Studies
Experience: Outdoor Recreation Counselor, 2 summers
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I enjoy working with kids because they have so much to teach me and I learn just as much from them as they do from me.
Interests: I love everything outdoors. Sleeping outdoors, hiking outdoors and learning outdoors. I spend my time climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. I prefer the cold weather over the heat!


Age: 34
School, Degree, and Certification: Syracuse Univerity; Syracuse, NY; BS Chemistry
Boise State University; Boise, ID; MS Science and Engineering
Experience: After 5 years working inside a giant building for semiconductor research and development, I walked outside and decided to keep walking. In the years since, I have spent most of my time living and working out-of-doors: teaching at experiential outdoor preschools, backpacking a few thousand miles, and commercial fishing in Alaska – among other adventures.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Children challenge my assumptions in unexpected ways, encouraging an attitude of flexibility, and a splaying approach to life that I find valuable. In exchange, I hope to strength their sense of confident exploration, and engage them in critical thought.
Interests: I love exploring, pushing my limits, and the process of becoming familiar with new-to-me wild spaces. Foraging is a favorite way to learn about the flora of a new home – I am food motivated! Commerical fishing for the past two years has provided a new passion – overcoming fears I never expected to face, while surrounded by the most beautiful scenery imaginable.
Here’s to hiking through new places, and experiencing new adventures at High Trails!


Age: 26
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Mobile, I have a piece of paper I promise.
Experience: Royal Family Kids Camp, 1 year. TEAMeffort Youth Missions, 3 years. Guitar Center, 2 years. SAFE Archives, 2 years. Shelterwood Acadmey, 1.5 years (more than most)
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Have you ever had a conversation with an adult about your 3rd favorite tree? Me either.
Interests: Comic books, climbing, rocks (sedimentary are my favorite), music, native culture, oceanography


Age: 24
School, Degree, and Certification: Montana State University (Bozeman), Biology Education
Experience: I’ve been teaching kids for a long time and just spent a year teaching school groups in Northern Minnesota on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I firmly believe that the best places for children to be and to learn is outdoors. Teaching and spending time outside are some of my two favorite things and there is nothing I’d rather be doing.
Interests: I enjoy playing guitar, making art, hanging out with friends and all sorts of outdoor adventures such as, climbing, camping, paddling, hiking, biking, and snowboarding.


Age: 22
School, Degree, and Certification: Colorado State University, Biology
Experience: I have instructed both children and adults on how to surf and rock climb , and also have taught math and science to middle school students. I gain experience being patient, working together and having fun as much as I can through outdoor pursuits, and hope to share my love for nature with everyone I meet!
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Kids are honest and energetic, and see the world as a vast, beautiful and mysterious place. Working with kids constantly reminds me of these qualities and stimulates joy and appreciation in my own life.
Interests: skiing, biking, climbing, art, connect four, staring at bugs and plants


Age: 22
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Pittsburgh: Geology, Italian Language and Literature
Experience: I used to work as a swim instructor and lifeguard at a day camp for school aged kids (4-12 years old). Last summer, I worked for the Wyoming Conservation Corps, and AmeriCorps program aimed at promoting stewardship of federal, state, and public lands across Wyoming.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I think that kids tend to be very impressionable and open to new experiences, which is something that tends to decrease with age. Their shameless excitement when it comes to being introduced to be passionate about what we love so that we can pass on that enthusiasm for the outdoors.
Interests: I enjoy hiking and trail running, exploring unknown places (even in urban areas), swimming, or anything really that allows me to be active outdoors. I can always unwind with a good book, and I like watching the sun rise or set, whichever I have the opportunity to appreciate from a nice view. Rocks are pretty fun and interesting too.


Age: 20
School, Degree, and Certification: Elon University, Communication Design & Art Major
Experience: Trails, rivers, lakes, and cliffs all over the world. Three summers in the camping world. Lots of time learning, leads to lots of time teaching.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Kids keep me on my toes, every day there are new situations/conversations. Working with kids forces me to think the most creatively and critically. Life is one big field trip, listen closely and pay attention.
Interests: Bagging sick peaks, getting real sendy in the vertical world, stomping fresh tracks on my sideways sled. All things music.



Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: Environmental Education & Interpretation from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Experience: I have a wide range of experience with the field of Environmental Education. I have worked with all age groups while teaching them about nature, wildlife, team building, and most recently white water rafting.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: My philosophy in life is to just be yourself and the rest will fall into place. I enjoy teaching kids about the environment because they are the next generation and need to know how important it is to take care of our beautiful home.
Interests: Hiking, swimming, music, photography. Just being outside! Hanging with friends


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Vermont, Secondary Education – English Concentration
Experience: I studied education at the University of Vermont and since then have split my time between being a café manager and a world traveler.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Children have all the potential in the world, and I love helping them obtain the tools they need to make their own way.
Interests: I love reading, traveling, practicing Spanish, and tricking kids into learning


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Washington – BA Environmental Studies; concentration in Environmental Education
Experience: 2 years summer camp instructor, 4 years ski instructor, 1 year Urban programs instructor
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Quite simply, I love seeing kids connect with nature! The natural world offers us so many opportunities for fun, growth, and learning, and I think it’s so important to learn about the environment – whether that’s in your neighborhood or here at High Trails.
Interests: skiing, plant ID: medical uses and foraging, hiking, reading, history


Age: 22
School, Degree, and Certification: Brevard College, BA in English & Spanish, Minor in Education
Experience: 2 years outdoor school instructing, 1 year as camp assistant director. Taught English in Spain and worked at a summer camp in Spain.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I believe that learning should be fun, engaging, and student centered. Questions and questioning are just as important as answers.
Interests: mountain biking, running, hiking, backpacking, learning new things, reading poetry, drawing


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Oregon – Environmental Science and Biology
Experience: I taught backpacking, navigation, rock climbing, throughout college. Two years working at summer camps in Pennsylvania. One year teaching English in Taiwan.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I enjoy working with kids because they do a great job keeping my inner child alive and thriving. My philosophy in teaching is treating kids like little adults with less of different experience than “adults”, so they teach me just as much as I teach them.
Interests: While I find myself pursuing many outdoor adventures such as mountaineering and rock climbing, my main interest is in backpacking. When I am not in the outdoors, I can typically be found running, playing basketball, or reading during the not-so-great weather days. More recently, I have found myself traveling internationally in Asia and Euroasia learning about different cultures and sharing my own with fellow travelers.


Age: 32
School, Degree, and Certification: DePaul University, BA Philosophy; Duquesne University, MA Philosophy
Experience: Experienced long distance backpacker logging voer 3200 miles over the past year. 3 years training experience in aviation and safety. 2 years teaching experience in secondary education.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I like kids because they try to find a balance between being serious and being goofy. Serious by nature, I like to surprise them with my goofy side and let know it’s ok not to take yourself too seriously.
Interests: hiking, backpacking, reading, writing


Age: 24
School, Degree, and Certification: University of the Incarnate Word – Major in Biology, Minor in Sculpture. Texas State University – Studies in ecology, sustainability, ornithology, limnology, and SCUBA
Experience: There’s a lot, but mainly in wildlife biology stuff and the arts
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: my philosophy is that kids are the future, and if I can mold the future and guide them towards sustainability, the sciences, and the arts, then I have done my job
Interests: There’s too many to list, but I like to swim, cook, climb, and board!


Age: 22
School, Degree, and Certification: Assumption College: Environmental Science Major, Writing Minor
Experience: 6 years as lifeguard/swim coach, 10 years of babysitting
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: kids always surprise me with how much they know and I love hearing their unique idea and outlooks they have.
Interests: I’m definitely a book word and through reading, I’ve grown to love writing as well. I want to use my interest in writing to help more people understand why I love science and the Earth.
Besides books, I love swimming. The water is my second home whether I’m in Hawaii, Barbados, or the Long Island sounds and I’m always down to talk about cool ocean creatures.
Finally, I really enjoy music of all kinds, from classical, to country, to alternative, to Broadway. Since I’m lucky enough to live near New York City, I’ve gotten to see many musicals live, and I’m always excited to meet people who also love musicals.



Age: 27
School, Degree, and Certification: Azusa Pacific University: BA English (writing)
Experience: High Sierra Semester, CA: Spring and Fall 2010
Charis Hills Camp, TX: Summers 2011, 2012
Infinitive Language School: 2013-2017
Camp Augusta, CA: Summer 2018
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Children are busy with discovery, of themselves and the world around them. I love to encourage and inspire reflection, exploration, and radical creativity, as well as abundant play, maybe all at the same time.
Interests: reading, writing, storytelling. Movies. Outdoors – hiking, backpacking, kayaking, ropes/challenge courses, ziplines. Ultimate Frisbee. Language. Math.
I will run through the trees
Yelling loud as I please
If I scrape up my knees
I’ll still have a good day
I tell jokes for too long
Or I’ll burst out in song
Get the details all wrong
‘cause I do it my way

I’m a huge dork or nerd
Favorite number or word
Love ideas all absurd
And I’ll share them with you.
If you come here to stay
As I hope you soon may
You can think, feel, and play
And you’ll love it here, too!


Age:  24
School and Degree: Ithaca College – Biology
Experience: Independent Lake Camp Counselor, Dallas Zoo Youth Volunteer Coordinator, Americorps Volunteer In Service to America
Why I enjoy working with kids / my philosophy:  I love the way their minds work, similar to mine with the endless curiosity. Kids are some of my favorite people to talk to.
Interests: Snowboarding, Hiking, Reading, Sitting quietly in the woods for long periods of time…


Age:  22
School and Degree: Kenyon College – BA in Physics
Experience: 2 summers leading backcountry trips for Farm & Wilderness camps, local science outreach throughout college, wilderness first responder and lifeguard certified.
Why I enjoy working with kids / my philosophy: I love spending time outside and sharing that passion with kids.  Their energy and honesty is fun to witness and work with.
Interests:  backpacking, canoe camping, hiking, reading, sitting next to fires, serious interest in rock climbing (less serious experience)


Age:  24
School and Degree: Northern Arizona University – BS: Parks and Recreation Management; pursuing MA in Adventure Education at Prescott College.
Experience: 8 years of YMCA summer camps; 2 seasons of environmental education at YMCA camps; 1 year of classroom teaching in Montessori school; 1 semester of Wilderness Education with NOLS.
Why I enjoy working with kids / my philosophy: I love working with kids because I love instilling a sense of adventure and independence in youth.  Empowering kids while in the forest is SO magical!  My philosophy is simple: help teach kids HOW to think, NOT WHAT to think.  I deeply believe that wilderness and exposure to nature help build our strongest community members.
Interests: rock climbing, camping, backpacking, standing on really big mountains, cooking, mountaineering, beatboxing, swimming, singing, teaching!


Age 32.
School: Simmons College- English and Sociology
Experience: Wilderness Guide in Alaska with Alaska Wildland Adventures
Forest School on Isle of Eigg
Why…: I love working with kids because it afford me the opportunity to imagine a different perspective on everything. I love building enthusiasm and inspiring new ideas to ignite!
Interests: Ecology, hiking, camping, yoga, rock climbing, and canyoneering

High Trails: MENU