Enrollment Form


Enrollment Form


A sincere THANK YOU to all of our schools, teachers, administrators, parents, students and supporters. This will mark our 22nd year of helping students experience nature in the mountains of Southern California. We’re coming out the other side of Covid strong and ready to jump back into our normal way of life….outdoor education overnight field trips for elementary schools!

Open Enrollment at High Trails runs from 4/15 through 5/07, with date assignments and contracts going out by week of 5/10. After this program openings are available on a first come, first served basis.

School Information
Choose Your Weeks

Please choose your top 4 week choices below. Prices for 3/4/5 day programs are noted next to the dates. If you have a specific schedule that requires fewer than 4 choices, please note that this is possible with the acceptance of an additional per student fee.

Week of Program: Cost for 3 Day Program/Cost for 4 Day Program/Cost for 5 Day Program
Week of Program: Cost for 3 Day Program/Cost for 4 Day Program/Cost for 5 Day Program
Week of Program: Cost for 3 Day Program/Cost for 4 Day Program/Cost for 5 Day Program
Week of Program: Cost for 3 Day Program/Cost for 4 Day Program/Cost for 5 Day Program
Choose a 3, 4, or 5 day program
Choose a 3, 4, or 5 day program
Choose a 3, 4, or 5 day program
Choose a 3, 4, or 5 day program
General Notes

One Site:

We are scaling back from two sites (the last twenty years…) to running only one (1) site for 2021/22, at our Camp Oakes site. Modern, expansive areas, sunny, close to Big Bear; schools have reacted very positively to this site over the last several years, so we are sticking with it. We do anticipate being able to serve fewer students with only site, but with all of the action over the last year, we think this is a good change for us.

Automatic RN:

We’ve had an RN/LVN on staff serving as medic for a while, but we have balanced one person between two sites. With one site, every school will have access to this kind of medic during their week at High Trails.

Enrollment Preferences for Schools:

We are still asking schools to give us their top choices of dates, but along with this we are going to give more preference to schools as we work the schedule. Preference goes to 1) longevity of your relationship with us; the longer you’ve been attending High Trails, the more we will weight your enrollment form and 2) schools that signed up for High Trails the spring of 2021 with Virtual High Trails (even if you didn’t get in…).

If you are a newer school or didn’t attend Virtual High Trails, this doesn’t mean we don’t have a spot for you, so please still enroll! This just means that you do see upfront that we value loyalty with our schools. Thank you….

Covid Changes:

We are preparing for anything and everything this next school year. Smaller mandated group sizes, more cleaning, mask wearing…we don’t know what will come, but looking at the last year we are ready to come up with 10 different plans and be ready for no matter what happens. Please be patient with us as we work in-person instruction back into the Covid times….we know you are working through the same challenges at your own elementary school

Pricing Details

What you see is the basic cost for program at High Trails, which includes food, lodging, and instruction for students. As noted on the Program Form, there are options that your school can choose, based upon your specific needs. T-Shirts cost $10 per student, Last Day Hot Lunch costs $4 per student, and Last Day Sack Lunch costs $3 per students. If you would like us to provide Infirmary Supervision, this costs $10 per student (We always provide two medics that take care of illnesses, medications, etc. With the basic cost, schools provide short-term supervision for students that can’t take part in program due to illness or discipline. This way our medic is still ready to respond to health calls). Our medical team consists of WFRs (Wilderness First Responders or EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), and an RN or LVN (Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse). If you have questions about these, please check out the Program Form for more details.

You Should Know…

  • For  2019/20, we were able to give 95% of our schools one of their top 3 choices; though this isn’t a promise for the future it is a good indication that we do our best to make our schools happy, both in scheduling and in their experience up here in the mountains.
  • It is possible, especially if you choose dates in a popular time frame (March, April and May), that none of the dates you request will be available. If this happens, we will contact you with other options.
  • We structure our prices based on the time of year and traditional demand. Higher demand weeks have higher prices. This lets us have a full schedule and run program for the entire school year, which in turn allows us to hire quality staff.
  • If you are a new school considering High Trails, sign up early during Open Enrollment and please tell us what you’re looking for in an outdoor education provider. Unless we have an existing relationship with you or your school district, we may request a deposit before scheduling your school.
  • Every year we have schools that sign up for dates and then realize, once we have them scheduled, that the dates won’t work. To prevent this, please talk with all of your teachers and check your school calendar for Holidays, Test Dates, and other conflicts before submitting this form

High Trails communicates primarily via email. Please notify us if you would prefer a different method of communication.

The Schools section of our website has complete information for visiting schools and teachers. If this is your first year at High Trails or if you have all new teachers coming to program, we would be happy to come down to your school and give a presentation to your parents. Our “Welcome to High Trails” letter will be emailed out to each school in early September…this will have complete details to help you prepare for your program visit.

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