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Prickly Pear cacti can grow quite large under the right conditions!

How Plants Can Be Medicine – Canot Walker

High Trails is located at 7000 feet in the San Bernardino Mountain Range, and one of the first topics we learn about in Team Discovery Hike is who lived here before us. The Yuhaviatam arrived in Southern California approximately 2,500 years ago, and lived off the land until European influence arrived in the 18th century. […]


Archery in North America – Hannah Livezey

As staff members at High Trails, we are offered opportunities to visit other outdoor schools and exchange ideas with others in the outdoor field with hopes to deliver the best possible curriculum to the students that come to visit us.  Recently, I took advantage of one of these opportunities and visited a site roughly two […]

Outdoor Education Notes

Speak Like A Yuhaviaatam – Ikwe Mennen

You’re staying in the Condor cabin? I think you mean Qwat cabin! Yuhaviaatam means “people of the pines” in their own language. They are the native peoples who lived on top of our mountain, in the forest that High Trails calls home, long before we lived here. You may have heard them called Serrano, which […]


A New Pair of Yuhaviatam Shoes – Colin Veerman

Ahhh… there’s nothing like a new pair of shoes. The smell, the fresh laces, the feeling like you could conquer the world. Right now I’m asking you to imagine yourself in a new pair of shoes, but not the kind that is fresh out of the box. I’m asking you to join me for Native […]

becca bowdrill1

Bowdrill Basics – Becca Babel

It was Thursday afternoon and the last full day of training as I wandered around the forest looking for a strong, curved branch to use as a bow for my bowdrill. My eyes filled with tears and I was pretty sure that I was never going to find one good enough or be able to […]

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