Big Bear Distance Learning Day Camp

Distance Learning Daycamp

High Trails Outdoor Science School and YMCA Camp Oakes


LOCATION: YMCA Camp Oakes in the Lake Williams neighborhood

CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT:  Check in is 7:30am to 8:15am. A health screening, including a temperature check, will be performed on every student, every day. The person dropping the child off will be asked to sign their child in.

Check out is between 4:45pm to 5:45pm. The person picking up the child must be from a preapproved list given to us from the parent/guardian.

DISTANCE LEARNING: During the school hours, the Education Center is open for students to do their school work. Staff will make sure your child is at their online classes, helping facilitate their technology set up and login. Staff will also be present to assist them with questions they have during their classes.

Students are required to bring their own schoolwork materials including laptop, charger, headphones, notebook, pencil, etc. Parents and/or students will need to share the school schedule with us. Day camp will provide the wifi and the staff support.

WHAT TO BRING: The above mentioned school supplies plus face coverings, water bottle, jacket or sweater, sunglasses or hat, and sunscreen. Wear closed toed shoes (anyone wearing open toed shoes will not be allowed to be dropped off).

Cell phones are not permitted. If a cell phone is seen, it will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian on check out. If you need to contact your child, please contact the main office at 800-428-1851.

ACTIVITIES: While students are not in the Education Center working on school, they will be with their “pod.” Each Pod will be the same students all week, with the same Pod Leader. Pods will do all activities together, including lunch. Facilities and equipment are sanitized between Pods and each Pod has their own bathroom facility to use.

Throughout the school day students will go between their Pod and the Education Center as their class schedule dictates. When not in school, Pods are participating in a wide variety of activities.

Activities include climbing, ropes course, canoeing, archery, nature hikes, outdoor survival skills, plus additional activities such as games and crafts.

FACE COVERING EXPECTATIONS: Following the CDC and local San Bernardino County protocols for day camps, everyone (staff and students) are required to wear a face covering when around other people. Our three guiding principles for when face coverings are not required are if you are 1. Outside, 2. 6ft away from others, 3. A staff member gives permission. Luckily for us the majority of our program is happening outside and allows for spreading out!

FOOD: Lunch is provided, along with snacks. If your child has dietary restrictions, please make sure to note them in the appropriate section in registration.

You may send additional snacks with your child as long as they do not contain peanuts or nuts.

FINANICAL ASSISTANCE: Financial assistance is provided on a need basis.



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