Staff Bios


Staff Bios

Here are the outdoor education instructors and staff that make High Trails happen!


Age: 38

School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wales Aberystwyth – BSC Countryside Management, Post Grad Certificate in Education for Geography. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification.
Experience: Outdoor Education intern-Sierra Nevadas, Adventure Director-Nova Scotia, Overseas Expedition Leader, Mexico, Venezuela, India, Geography teacher, Wales, England
Why I 9njoy working with kids/my philosophy: The world is an awesome and diverse place. I love sharing that with people.
Interests: climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, mountaineering, surfing and anything that is cool outside.


Age: 30
School, Degree and Certifications: Oregon State – BS in Geography; Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification.
Experience: Director of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Green Mountain Conservation Camp. Swim instructor, camp counselor for 5 years, geoscience tutor, National Zoo summer education specialist, and a rowing coach.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids are funny. Kids are curious. It’s so fun to hang out with kids! My current philosophy is to foster a community of young people that grow and challenge each other to become better teachers, community members, and humans in general.
Interests: Mountain biking, flower gardening, book reading, eagle watching, and museuming. Death Valley Queen!


Age: 34
School and Degree: Cornell – BA in History; Colgate University: MA in Teaching Secondary Education; Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification
Experience: Five years of experiential outdoor education in Rhinebeck, New York (the Catskill Region) with at risk youth and children with a broad range of special needs.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy:
1) I see value in supporting children’s comfort outside of their daily routine
2) Teaching children is easy when it’s fun but not always fun when it’s easy
3) I work with children to positively impact today. A positive impact today will establish a positive trajectory for the future
Interests: When I’m not living the dream working outdoors I binge on movies and TV shows, I’ve been know to recreationally read and I dream one day to be an accomplished woodworker, accordion player, and build my own cabin.



Age: 33
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Georgia; Bachelor of Arts –  Journalism
Experience: Background in administration, project management, and education. In summer months, I pursue my passion for travel as a trip leader for international student trips. I have lived in several countries (Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and New Zealand) where I learned Spanish, worked on farms, at a beach lodge while studying massage, and supporting at a law firm supporting the Resource Management Team.

Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: It’s our responsibility to inspire children to care, to want to improve the world future generations, to pass on what we have enjoyed, and provide a planet so other living things can thrive on. We are all connected, we are all in this together.

Interests: Hiking, Backpacking, Biking, Yoga, Travelling, snuggling my cat, sharing good food with great friends, and spending time with my family back in Atlanta.


Age: 30
School, Degree and Certifications: Bachelors of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology
Experience: I am the oldest of my siblings, so I’ve always been familiar with teaching younger kids. This has really kept me young at heart which helps me to easily relate to kids. I also participated in an outdoor education program where I taught 5th graders about birds and mammals.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because I value imagination very highly. I love the way that children look at the world. They see the world for all its wonder, which is so rare these days. This sense of wonder should be stimulated and preserves at all costs. These young visionaries can and will shape the future.
Interests: I am an avid birder, writer, and photographer. I love wildlife and crave new adventures. I love meeting new people to share my life with.


Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: Mount Vernon Nazarene University, BS in Biology (Environmental Track)

Experience: I assisted my mom with her three middle school choirs for several years; I helped at a 7th grade camp leading an ecology session for 3 years; last summer, I worked performing nest monitoring, vegetation surveys, and assisted with a banding of a white-headed woodpecker in Idaho. Also, all through college, I was lab assistant and led several study groups.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I really enjoy working with kids because they are still learning their niche (just like we are), but we are given the opportunity to help and guide them. I like to see the excitement in their eyes when they make a connection or learn something they can’t wait to share with friends and family. I also really care for the environment and I like to pass along the importance of preserving it, especially to younger generations.
Interests: birding, insects, botany, hiking, reading, baking, dancing (particularly the tap variety) and singing


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications:

Grand Canyon University; Bachelor in Science – Nursing

Experience: Summer day camp counselor and Pediatric Cardiac Nurse
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids have this infectious energy and outlook on life! I love helping them explore their own thoughts and guiding them to their own answers.
Interests: Being outside! I love Reading/Writing/Napping in my hammock! Line Dancing/Swing Dancing/Two-stepping to Country music! Horses and most Furry Friends!


Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Environmental Science
Experience: I’ve worked for several years at a Wilderness Girl Scout Camp having multiple roles, from guide to program director.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love working with kids because no two are ever the same. They each bring something different to the table which keeps programs and activities fresh. My philosophy is you get out what you put in; if you work hard and put the effort in, relationships, jobs, and hobbies will be so rewarding.
Interests: Coming from Wisconsin, I love anything cold and snow-related. From snowboarding to attending Packer games in -40 degree weather, you can find me outside.

Outdoor camp teacherBrad

Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: attended Ohio University: Lancaster
Experience: I am a former Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. Two years as a back country leadership program staff member at Camp Moosilauke in Orford, NH; one year as the head of the back country leadership program.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: It took me awhile to find what I consider my passion which is working in and enjoying nature. I feel now that I have this gift, to enjoy beautiful natural places and to know how to survive and thrive in these places, that I must share this gift with younger generations for years to come.
Interests: Hiking, Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Running, Cycling, Reading, Health and Fitness, Nutrition.

Ikee TrainerIkwe

Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wisconsin: Madison, BA linguistics and Scandinavian Studies
Experience: I have been leading canoe trips in the Boundary Waters for four summers, teaching French, and providing Wilderness Medical Care as a WFR and then a W-EMT. Recently, I worked a ropes course for the public schools of Madison, WI.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love working with kids because they are so curious and constantly discovering new things. I love being able to influence them towards enjoying the outdoors, hoping it will help them have a healthy and fulfilled life in the future. The goal is to have them pick up at least 2% of the enthusiasm for nature that I have.
Interests: canoeing, camping, climbing (all things in the great outdoors); languages, poetry, good books; wilderness medicine; looking at really small things in the woods, like ants and spiderwebs and baby leaves.

Suzannee Education instructorSuzanne

Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: Michigan State University, Art Education
Experience: After my student teaching year, I ran off with the circus for a four-month training course. In debt but inspired, I came home and substitute taught for a year. After that, I made my way to Colorado to work as the Arts and Crafts Director at a summer camp, and now split my time between the mountains of Deckers and the mountains of Big Bear.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love trying new things and making personal discoveries; working with kids gives me the opportunity to learn something new every day. Learning about things from kids’ perspectives reminds me how many different ways there are to view the world.
Interests: I love to read – words are the way to my heart. Sometimes I devour books indoors, and other times I pretend to read outside while being distracted by nature. I attempt to settle Catan somewhat often, and enjoy most board games. I pole vault, wander through thrift stores, take long drives with the radio on and seek out quirky activities happening around town.


Age: 28
School, Degree, and Certification: Berea College, B.A. Political Science
Experience: Canoe Builder, River Expeditioner, Moutain Climber, Chain-saw weilder, lover of goof books, tree-houses, and wool socks. Musician of many strings, pastry-baker, basketballer, writer, brother, scholar, and teacher.
Columbia River Canoe Guide, volunteer with Summer Food Service Program
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Young people deserve to know how we fit in our habitats, how to take care of themselves, and that each of us deserves to thrive. Good education empowers. Learning is never finished.
Interests: I love exploring on land and water, learning as much as possible, and pushing my comfort zones. I love to make music of all kinds, reading anything I can get my hands on, and making food of all varieties.


Age: 24
School, Degree, and Certification: San Diego State University, B.S. in Environmental Science
Experience: I started my outdoor education journey during my junior year of college interning part time at a local San Diego non profit. After a year there, once I graduated, I knew Outdoor Ed was where I wanted to be. Since then I have been working at camps full time.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I attended science camp when I was in fifth grade, and it was the science and the outdoors became really cool and interesting to me. I love sharing my passion and passing on knowledge (as well as gaining some) with kids.
Interests: When I’m outdoors I enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, hammocking, camping and biking. When I’m indoors I like to read, cook, knit, and drink coffee. I travel as much as possible; I have been to 15 countries!


Age: 30
School, Degree, and Certification: University of Wisconsin – La Crosee, Bachelor of Sciencce in Psychology & Biology
Experience: I used to work in psychiatric research before moving over to the education field. Since then, I’ve co-led two girl scout troop, worked as a para, seved in AmeriCorps teaching literacy skills in K-3, and have run many after school programs in tutoring. Destination Imagination, and knitting. I’ve also been a lead teacher
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids:


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: Colorado State University, Biology
Experience: I have instructed both children and adults on how to surf and rock climb , and also have taught math and science to middle school students. I gain experience being patient, working together and having fun as much as I can through outdoor pursuits, and hope to share my love for nature with everyone I meet!
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Kids are honest and energetic, and see the world as a vast, beautiful and mysterious place. Working with kids constantly reminds me of these qualities and stimulates joy and appreciation in my own life.
Interests: skiing, biking, climbing, art, connect four, staring at bugs and plants


Age: 23
School, Degree, and Certification: Assumption College: Environmental Science Major, Writing Minor
Experience: 6 years as lifeguard/swim coach, 10 years of babysitting
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: kids always surprise me with how much they know and I love hearing their unique idea and outlooks they have.
Interests: I’m definitely a book worm and through reader, I’ve grown to love writing as well. I want to use my interest in writing to help more people understand why I love science and the Earth.
Besides books, I love swimming. The water is my second home whether I’m in Hawaii, Barbados, or the Long Island sounds and I’m always down to talk about cool ocean creatures.
Finally, I really enjoy music of all kinds, from classical, to country, to alternative, to Broadway. Since I’m lucky enough to live near New York City, I’ve gotten to see many musicals live, and I’m always excited to meet people who also love musicals.


Age: 28
School, Degree, and Certification: Azusa Pacific University: BA English (writing)
Experience: High Sierra Semester, CA: Spring and Fall 2010
Charis Hills Camp, TX: Summers 2011, 2012
Infinitive Language School: 2013-2017
Camp Augusta, CA: Summer 2018
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: Children are busy with discovery, of themselves and the world around them. I love to encourage and inspire reflection, exploration, and radical creativity, as well as abundant play, maybe all at the same time.
Interests: reading, writing, storytelling. Movies. Outdoors – hiking, backpacking, kayaking, ropes/challenge courses, ziplines. Ultimate Frisbee. Language. Math.
I will run through the trees
Yelling loud as I please
If I scrape up my knees
I’ll still have a good day
I tell jokes for too long
Or I’ll burst out in song
Get the details all wrong
‘cause I do it my way

I’m a huge dork or nerd
Favorite number or word
Love ideas all absurd
And I’ll share them with you.
If you come here to stay
As I hope you soon may
You can think, feel, and play
And you’ll love it here, too!


Age:  25
School, Degree, and Certifications: UC Santa BarbaraMax

Experience: CIMI Summer Camp on Catalina, Pok-u-MacCready Outdoor Education Center, Camp Counselor at Camp Oakes
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids/My Philosophy: I love being outdoors and I had that love instilled in me from a young age. I hope I can instill that love in the students that come up here.
Interests: Climbing, Board games Hiking, Backpacking, Relaxing, Cooking, Reading, Underwater Basket Weaving


Age:  25Mallory

School, Degree, and Certifications: SUNY Binghamton – English/Environmental Studies
Experience: Farm/Backcountry trip programming at Farm & Wilderness, AmeriCrops NCCC, Summer camps & nature preserve guiding & after school programs, oh my!
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids/My Philosophy: Kids, like myself, are weird and love to explore and discover new things!
Interests: Outdoorsy things like backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and project-y things like knitting, making stuff, and growing food!


Age:  30
School, Degree, and Certifications: Pace University – Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies; University of Denver
Experience: I have worked on sustainable farms where children learn where their food comes from. In addition, I have worked for the New York State Park system using plant identification to remove invasive plants and sow native plants.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because of the energy and enthusiasm that they bring when learning about nature.  Learning about forests/ecosystems is a rewarding teaching experience.
Interests: Ballroom Dancing, Plant Identification


Age: 24
School, Degree, and Certification: Univeristy of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Special Education
Experience: I have enjoyed working with kids in various classroom and outdoor settings. Last year I taught special education at an elementary school in Minnesota, and I spend my summers leading canoe trips and teaching French to high school students at camp.
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I love seeing the lightbulb moment when kids realize they can be outside, get dirty, and live without the comforts of home. Seeing their growth, even after one week is amazing!
Interests: canoeing, reading, jumping in lakes (especially Lake Superior!)


Age: 26
School, Degree, and Certification: The Evergreen State College with a focus in Environmental Studies
Experience: Outdoor Recreation Counselor, 2 summers
Why I Enjoy Working with Kids: I enjoy working with kids because they have so much to teach me and I learn just as much from them as they do from me.
Interests: I love everything outdoors. Sleeping outdoors, hiking outdoors and learning outdoors. I spend my time climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. I prefer the cold weather over the heat!


Age:  23
School and Degree: Assumption College – Psychology
Experience: Education, Human Services, and former Deli Worker Extraordinaire!
Why I enjoy working with kids / my philosophy: I love meeting new people and learning new things. Kids are some of the best learners if they have the right teacher!
Interests: Anywhere outdoors is my happy place, and I am trying to better myself by picking up hiking, climbing, and other activities I haven’t thought of yet!


Age:  23
School and Degree: University of New Mexico (Go Lobos!); Bachelor of Science – Biology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Minor in GIS
Experience: I’ve spent 3+ years on the research side of science – behind the microscope, surveying desert grasslands, and trekking up trails in the Rockies. I was lucky enough to present some of my research in Washington D.C. I also enjoy volunteering with education programs where I can teach kids about science and nature!
Why I enjoy working with kids / my philosophy: A smarter tomorrow starts with educating our children about the facts of science and nature. I love to share my observations of nature with kids, and I love to get them excited about science!
Interests: Cooking, Hiking, Driving, Maps, Music, Travel


Age:  24
School and Degree: Georgia Southern University; Bachelor of Science – Recreation
Experience: 10 years of camp working experience. Most recently working summers with Boy Scouts of America High Adventure Camp. Florida Sea Base various jobs from fishing to sailing in the Florida Keys. Teaching scouts about the flora and fauna of the Keys.
Why I enjoy working with kids / my philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because I want them to see the environment through my eyes. I want them to learn to care for and appreciate it so they can help preserve it for future generations. As well as enjoy the benefits of going outdoors. My philosophy is to create future stewards of the environment.
Interests: Sailing, Running, Landscape Photography


Age: 22
School: Rutgers University – Double major in History and Visual Art
Experience: Since graduating from college last spring I worked in Seward, Alaska. When I wasn’t working in the office for a whale watching company, I explored national parks and drew every plant I saw. I’m excited to keep experiencing new places and working with new people. This is actually my first time on the West Coast. The other day I learned Ponderosa Pines smell like vanilla!
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: Being connected to nature is one of the most important things to me. I love being a part of kids finding that same connection.
Interests: Drawing in the outdoors, Rock Climbing, Taking road trips!


Age: 26
School: East Carolina University Bachelor of Fine Arts – Theatrical Design & Production; Abide University – Honorary PhD in Metaphysics
Experience: Freelance Designer, Teacher, Crisis Worker, Liver of Life
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kiddos because there’s always something we can learn from them. My philosophy is live your best life, and remember: it takes all kinds to make a world.
Interests: Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Epigenetics, Birding, Hiking, Kayaking, Musical Theatre, Art, etc. AKA: The universe, how it works, and how we all help make it a beautiful place.


Age: 23
School: Unity College; Bachelor of Psychology – Adventure Therapy
Experience: I most recently worked in Wyoming at an adventure summer camp for children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities called SOAR! Before that I worked in Maine as an in-home community support worker, as well as at a therapeutic residential facility for youth. I have also had various farm jobs in the great state of MAINE!
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I strongly believe all kids should have the chance to be in nature and to connect to Earth and develop a sense of place. I love working with kids because of their high energy, curiosity, and a chance to see the world through their eyes. Children are the current and future of the environmental movement!
Interests: Watercolor, Canoeing, Backpacking, Reading, Nature, Social Justice, Anime, and Adventures in all forms!


Age: 22
School: University of New Mexico
Experience: Hospitality experience and more importantly lab/field Biology experience in Ecology field. Mostly working with plants of Rockies/mammals of flatlands.

Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I believe kids are the future, but more than that, I believe that the age that we live in currently is an important time for science and to present that to a young generation (that science is fun) is key to really changing the world we live in for the better.

Interests: I enjoy being Outside, Camping, Rock Climbing, SKIING! I also enjoy landscapes and am a nerd for plant/animal Ecology and Physiology.


Age: 24
School: University of Massachusetts, Amherst Class of 2018; Bachelor of Science – Environmental Conservation
Experience: I’ve had over a dozen different jobs in the past 14 years (starting with delivering newspapers as a little fourth grader!). The job I’m most proud of is leading bicycle tours for a company called Overland Summers for the past three summers. It’s been so rewarding leading high school students through Nova Scotia, across Europe, and down the coast of California!
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I’ve learned so much from every kid I’ve been able to lead and I can’t wait to learn so much more from the kids that come to High Trails. Being expsed to so many different personalities and learning styles has forced me to look critically at my own strengths and weaknesses and, therefore, has allowed me to be my best self.
Interests: From the races and rides I’ve done solo and with friends, to my own bike tours to the bike tours I’ve led; my passion for all things cycling has grown into a bit of an obsession – and it’s still growing! But I do other things too! I enjoy Hiking, Running, Skiing, Travelling, and sometimes even throwing together a delicious fresh pie!


Age: 23
School: Georgia Southern University; Bachelor of Science – Recreation
Experience: I have experience in Outdoor Education at three different summer camps, holding positions like Theatre Coordinator, Commissioner, and Program Director.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they teach me just as much as I teach them. My philosophy is that every kid knows something that I don’t, and it’s my job to learn that something.
Interests: My interests include everything outdoors (Hiking, Kayaking, Camping, etc.) Theatre, Art, and Meeting New People!


Age: 22
School: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – Anthropology and Geography
Experience: I worked at a day camp for two summers leading games and chaperoning field trips. I fell in love with outdoor education working at a summer camp in New Hampshire in the summer of 2018, and I returned to the same camp in 2019 as a counselor for the high school leadership program.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is inspired by an inquiry-based approach, allowing students’ natural curiosity lead the lesson. I enjoy working with kids because they’re goofy and not afraid to ask questions.
Interests: Hiking, Backpacking, Guitar, and Poetry


Age: 22
School: National Outdoor Leadership School
Experience: I have worked in sunny San Diego as a surf and swim instructor for all ages and led outdoor trips of personally Backpacking, Climbing, and Adventuring as much as possible!
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they offer so much value as an educator and give honest feedback regarding how to better yourself. I feel like I only provide a fraction of my world, whereas kids offer brand new worlds of possibility.
Interests: I get my stoke levels up by travelling to new places, getting completely lost in nature, surfing in bigger and better swells, going to live music venues and festivals, with friends, and learning new outdoor skills that I can show others.


Age: 26
School: Wheaton College; Bachelor of Arts – Art History
Experience: I’ve done a bunch of different jobs. Still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, but pretty sure it involves organized chaos and young people.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I love working with kids because they’ll make you laugh and they’ll make you cry, and they’ll show you things you didn’t know about life and yourself. They’re weird and awesome and I want to be just like them.
Interests: I like trying new things! New bike rides, new foods, new adventures!


Age: 23
School: University of Notre Dame; Bachelor of Science – Applied and Computational Math and Statistics and Political Science

Experience: I’ve spent summers doing advertising strategy, hotel painting, oceanographic mathematical analysis, and summer camp guidance. Most recently, I spent a year in Sacramento doing a CivicSpark Fellowship with the Delta Stewardship Council doing policy analysis and outreach.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I want to have fun and make the world a better place. And there’s no more direct connection to world-making and fun than Outdoor Education.
Interests: Soccer (both physical and fantasy), Writing (especially Satire and Sci-Fi), Analysis (whether Sports or Politics), Games, generally, but especially Coup and Diplomacy.


Age: 21
School: California State University, San Bernardino – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; San Bernardino Valley – Associates of Arts in Psychology
Experience: I have worked for the YMCA of the East Valley for 3 years in their camp programs, Day Camp Program, and the CAPS program.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: Kids make me laugh, make me smile, make me happy. More importantly, kids teach me! They teach me how to live freely, how to love freely, and how to seek knowledge in everything I do.
Interests: Lanyard Making, Reading, Hiking, Working with Kids


Age: 20
School: Currently at Riverside City College working towards a degree in Cybersecurity
Experience: I have worked with the YMCA of the East Valley for their summer camp program for two years.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they are so full of energy and are unpredictable. My philosophy for my work is to have as much fun as possible because everything is better if you are having a good time.
Interests: Fishing, Soccer, Food – lots of it!



Age: 22
School: Arizona State University – Studied Journalism and Film Production
Experience: Scuba Instructor with four years’ experience working at a Boy Scout Camp teaching youth to dive and appreciate the ocean environment.

Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: Programs for kids are designed to be fun and I like having fun.
Interests: Scuba, Cycling, Backpacking, Swimming, Kayaking, Hiking, Avid Lorax Soundtrack Enthusiast


Age: 28
School: Humboldt State University – History Education; University of Redlands – School of Education Teaching Credential
Experience: 3 years substitute teaching, 1 year AVID (tutor), 1 semester teaching (credential program).
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I’m a Philomath, or someone who loves learning. I’ve found that its best when you can share your passion with others, so inspiring others to cultivate a love of learning is what I do. It’s one thing to teach kids  and another thing to get kids wanting to learn more.
Interests: Hiking, Reading, Swimming


Age: 22
School: SUNY Oneonta – Duel major in Environmental Sustainability and Geography
Experience: I have worked as a naturalist hiking guide in Denali National Park and Preserve, as well as teaching both college-aged and younger students first aid. I have been included in wetland restoration in Louisiana and watershed protection projects in NY.

Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because of their natural curiosity in their surroundings. I also believe in implementing environmental ethics in children to carry with them.
Interests: My interests include Backpacking, Climbing, and just being anywhere outside


Age: 24
School: University of Minnesota; Bachelor of Arts – Communication Studies and French
Experience: I have been guiding wilderness canoe trips for students age 14-18 for three years, worked at another (equally awesome!) Outdoor Science School, and am a Wilderness First Responder and Red Cross Lifeguard Certified!
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because I am inspired by their unique points of view. I love seeing them use their creativity to learn and problem-solve and I believe the outdoors are a great tool for this!
Interests: Being outside! Specifically Climbing, Canoeing, Backpacking, and Camping. You can also find me taking photos and making videos in my spare time.


Age: 27
School: University of Minnesota; Bachelor of Science – Computer Science
Experience: I’ve worked with adolescents in the Northwoods leading canoeing-camping trips. We canoe from island to island or down rivers for weeks at a time… And the entire time I am teaching them the French language!

Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: Kids are so open-minded! I love the observations they make – often things I’ve missed!
Interests: Already Comfortable: Canoeing, Cycling/Bike Repair, Camping, Backpacking, Swimming, Cooking. Want to Learn: Climbing, Snowboarding, Desert Plant Identification, Cooking

Mary Jane

Age: 22
School: Bowling Green State University; Biology – Ecology and Conservation Biology
Experience: Learn to Skate U.S.A., Figuring Skating Instruction, Outdoor Education at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I love working with kids because I love inspiring them to learn and try new things! I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for nature and science and I think it’s important to allow kids to develop an emotional connection to the environment early on!

Interests: Any and all nature-related things, but especially birds! Figure Skating, Camping, Backpacking, Reading


Age: 23
School: University of Kansas – Art Education
Experience: I spent 3 summers working at YMCA of the Rockies as an Arts & Crafts counselor and a Day Camp counselor. I also spent this past summer as an overnight counselor at YMCA Camp Surf.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I love working with kids because they are interested in learning about so many things, have a great sense of wonder, and say/do the silliest things. I believe that kids take in and retain more information when they can play games and work creatively to learn it.
Interests: I Roller Skating, Hiking, Running, and attempting to Outdoor Climb. I can be found taking naps in hammocks or working on a new art project. I also like listening to DJ sets and watching Anderson films as well.


Age: 20
School: University of North Florida – International Studies, Foreign Language & Culture; Minors – Social Welfare & French
Experience: Student Farmer at my university, independent and group travel/backpacking in over 20 countries. Education volunteer in Vietnam, intern at DanielKids (school for students with special behavioral, medical, and social conditions.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: Kids are the future! Their experiences and educational outcomes will change the future. I am grateful to work with the next generation of great thinkers and doers! Philosophy: The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance!
Interests: Yoga, Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening, Reading, Adventuring, and finding unique experiences and people along the way!


Age: 23
School: Southern Oregon University – Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Experience: Wilderness First Responder, Sea Kayak Guide (Alaska & San Juan Islands), WestLinn Outdoor School, Volunteer English Teacher in Bangkok, Thailand
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they keep my view and perspective on the world fresh and keep my curiosity blooming.
Interests: Kayaking, Climbing, Hiking, and Bird Watching


Age: 28
School: Ferrum College (VA) – Bachelors of Science in Recreation Leadership
Experience: Guiding sea kayak and rafting expeditions in SE Alaska, Camp Counselor – Head of waterfront in WV, Outdoor Educator at Circle F Dude Ranch in Central Florida, the designated “Stoke Master” of Glacier Bay National Park, “Lets go Boatn’!”
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy being an Outdoor Educator because it gives me the opportunity to introduce the next generation to the pure beauty, serenity, and benefits of the natural world. I love working with the youth because they are so filled with stoke and wonder and great energy – and that keeps me feeling young and reminds me to keep the stoke high and embrace each day with wonder and gratitude.
Interests: The Stoke! Pretty much all waterspouts, camping, getting lost in the woods, spreading positivity, and exploring out country’s National Parks


Age: 23
School: Azusa Pacific University – Bachelor of Arts English Literature, Bachelor of Arts Honors Humanities
Experience: 5+ years working at recreational camps and tutoring in elementary schools
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: Kids ask the best questions and remind me how to be curious about the world around me. I love the reward that kids & I get from working through a problem and moving from confusion to understanding!
Interests: Books, Philosophy, Board games, Being outdoors!


Age: 25
School: Nicolet High School
Experience: Israeli Navy (2.5 years), Security for hiking trip tours (8months), farm work and traveling in Australia (6 months). In high school I was an active member of BBYO and volunteered for Friendship Circle (nonprofit working with disabled children)
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: It’s interesting working with children as they’re still so fresh and impressionable. It’s important to talk and listen to them about all things that happen in this world and life in general. They’re the future and it’s important that they’ll be ready to take on the world when they’re older.
Interests: Hiking, biking, fitness, writing, traveling, tie-dye, comedy


Age: 28
School: Carson Newman UV – Bachelor of arts English Literature; East Tennessee State University – Masters of Arts in Brand and Media Strategy
Experience: I worked in a library for 5 years running events and social media for community college students. I’ve been a tennis coach for 13 years – since I was 15! I also have experience building and managing websites and media campaigns.
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I love coordinating activities that facilitate friendships! I also enjoy witnessing the “Ah-ha!” Moment when kids learn something new.
Interests: Road trips with friends, Car camping, Stargazing, Hiking, Reading (especially YA lit), playing tennis


Age: 28
School: San Francisco State – English Literature
Experience: Have worked with kids ages 1-12 years old for seven years, thru hiked PCT and AT
Why I enjoy working with kids / My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because it’s NEVER boring! I believe kids are more likely to become passionate about a subject if they’re taught by someone passionate about that subject.
Interests: Backpacking, Trail running, Swimming

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