Staff Bios


Staff Bios


Age: 35
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wales Aberystwyth – BSC Countryside Management, Post Grad Certificate in Education for Geography. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification.
Experience: Outdoor Education intern-Sierra Nevadas, Adventure Director-Nova Scotia, Overseas Expedition Leader, Mexico, Venezuela, India, Geography teacher, Wales, England
Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: The world is an awesome and diverse place. I love sharing that with people.
Interests: climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, mountaineering, surfing and anything that is cool outside.


Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: Oregon State – BS in Geography. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification.
Experience: Director of Vermont Fish and Wildlife Green Mountain Conservation Camp. Swim instructor, camp counselor for 5 years, geoscience tutor, National Zoo summer education specialist, and a rowing coach.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids are funny.  Kids are curious. It’s so fun to hang out with kids! My current philosophy is to foster a community of young people that grow and challenge each other to become better teachers, community members, and humans in general.
Interests: Mountain biking, flower gardening, book reading, eagle watching, and museuming.  Death Valley Queen!


Age: 31
School and Degree: Cornell – BA in History; Colgate University: MA in Teaching Secondary Education
Experience: Five years of experiential outdoor education in Rhinebeck, New York (the Catskill Region) with at risk youth and children with a broad range of special needs.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy:
1) I see value in supporting children’s comfort outside of their daily routine
2) Teaching children is easy when it’s fun but not always fun when it’s easy
3) I work with children to positively impact today. A positive impact today will establish a positive trajectory for the future
Interests: When I’m not living the dream working outdoors I binge on movies and TV shows, I’ve been know to recreationally read and I dream one day to be an accomplished woodworker, accordion player, and build my own cabin.


Age: 26
School and Degree: University of Dayton – BA in Psychology, Minor in Social Work
Experience: I worked at a summer camp where I ran the sports program and Counselor in Training program. In college, I coached a High School rowing team. My senior year of college I worked in a memory café unit with Alzheimer’s patients as an assistant wellness coordinator.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: My time working with kids and seeing how I can positively influence them have been meaningful experiences for me. The challenges working with kids keeps me engaged in my job and keeps me working hard.
Interests: I like playing board games, cooking, hiking, canoeing, boxing, coloring in awesome coloring books, and singing in the car.


Age: 26
School and Degree: University of Idaho – BS Environmental Science, Ecology emphasis
Experience: Tour guide – San Diego Zoo Safari Park; Forest Service – Northern Spotted Owl research; Middle school substitute teacher
Why I enjoy working with kids/ my philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they give me a chance to see the world in a fresh, new light, as well as an excuse to play and be silly! I take my philosophy from my childhood role model: Ms. Frizzle – “Take chances, make mistakes, and GET MESSY!”
Interests: hiking, reading, star gazing, dancing, bicycling, having lots of fun!!


Age: 27
School and Degree: University of Pittsburgh – BS in Biology
Experience: I have 4 years experience working at outdoor summer camps in Maryland.  I worked and lived in Australia for one year home-schooling kids and working on farms.
Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy:  I love working with kids because they are willing to try anything, and learn about new ideas.  I think kids respond well to hands-on learning and positive/fun role models.
Interests: I love hiking, climbing, baking, and the farm life.

Alex R.Alex

Age: 28
School and Degree: University of British Columbia – BA English Literature and Latin American Studies
Experience: I started out as a Toddler Teacher, worked on a Flower Farm, instructed snowboarding for a season, worked on a coffee, cacao and macadamia nut farm.  I also worked as a summer camp counselor for a few summers, most recently at beloved Hidden Villa.
Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: I love getting to know them and seeing them grow, learn, and experience.  They help me appreciate all of the wondrous parts of life as well as the hard stuff that makes us who we are.  I feel more grateful, conscious, and present when working with kids.
Interests:  Hiking, backpacking, eating, ultimate Frisbee, dancing, farming, and life!


Age: 23 School and Degree: UC Irvine – Major: Social Ecology, Minor: Educational Studies Experience: YMCA Camps—6 years, Au Pair in France, Program Leader at THINK! Together, Intern at the Center for Environmental Biology Education and Outreach Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: Working with kids gives me the daily opportunity to learn, have fun, and laugh at myself.  I care deeply about the environment in which we live, and I feel very lucky to get to share that with the young students! Interests: I love to hike, kayak, and do anything outdoors!  I’m happiest when meeting new people and having new adventures.  I also love to sing, laugh, and spend time with loved ones.


Age: 28 School and Degree: Boston University – BS in Health Science/Nutrition Experience: Outdoor education in Cape Cod and California. Environmental ed in South America and New York. Farm hand/education in New York and Cape Cod. Art education in Boston. Nutrition education in Boston and Chicago. Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: “Live life by the bungee. Grip it and rip it.” – Zoolander I personally want to inspire and empower young people to re-connect with their natural environments, and use that connection to gain confidence, self reliance, compassion and self awareness. I want to help kids learn to take risks, and dare to always have fun and be silly. I also really like playing in the dirt. Interests:  Slack lining, hiking, kayaking, Korean BBQ hunting, all competitive/cooperative board games, climbing trees and watching sunsets.


Age: 24 School and Degree: UCLA – Political Science Experience: I’ve been working with kids and the outdoors for years – as a camp counselor, a trip leader and tour guide. I love working with kids!  Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: Kids are fun to work with. They are creative, passionate, silly and have the best jokes. Interests: Being outside and exploring nature. I love learning and trying new things so I’m always into something new.



Age: 27 School and Degree: Rochester Institute of Technology – BS Biomedical Photographic Communications Experience: I worked at a daycare during college, and have three years of nanny experience. My most recent job was an organic farm where I discovered my intense passion for gardening and problem solving. Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: Children are always in the present, and an awesome reminder to live right now. My philosophy for life is to treat myself, others and the environment as best I can.  Interests: Farming, photography, hiking, rock climbing, snowshoeing, running, climbing trees, camping, cooking, reading, laughing and having fun.


Age: 25  School and Degree: UCSC – BS Earth Science  Experience: Worked as summer camp counselor and Interpretive Ranger with Lassen Volcanic National Park. Spent 4 years doing field study for various classes for my major. Lots of time living and learning in nature.  Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because of their excitement and willingness to learn and try new things. My philosophy is that as an instructor the students interest directly reflects my own. If I am excited and interested about teaching they will be excited and interested about learning.  Interests: Hiking, biking, and most anything outdoors and active. Also love watching and reading and discussing movies and books. I’m a huge sports fan, particularly football. I also enjoy basketball and ping pong.


Age: 29 School and Degree: Florida State University – Environmental Studies Experience:I’ve worked many jobs ranging from the construction industry to working with elementary school students during my time at Florida State University. Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: I enjoy spreading the knowledge I have acquired especially seeing that moment in clicks with your students. My philosophy is be the positive impact on the world you want to see. Interests: Hiking, skydiving, surfing and snowboarding.


Age: 23 School and Degree: State University of New York – Oswego Experience: I have taught children to wakeboard and snowboard. I also spent an entire summer working on a conservation crew in the Vermont back country, restoring the portion of the Appalachian Trail running through Stratton Mountain. Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: I enjoy the fact that as a child, things are still new and exciting. Discovering a new fact about nature or learning a new skill can dramatically increase a child’s perspective on the world in a positive way. Interests: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, mountain biking, guitar, mandolin, concerts, good conversation and learning new things.


Age: 22 School and Degree: Keuka College, BS in Organismal Biology Experience: I have had a wide range of experiences working with animals, humans and the environment. For one summer, I lived in Panama where I worked at a rehabilitation center for mantled howler monkeys while living in the jungle. Then I traveled around the Eastern Coast of the United States where I worked with people with developmental disabilities, substitute taught, conducted bird surveys on various salt marshes and worked as an environmental educator. Why I enjoy working with kids/my philosophy: My philosophy on life is to take advantage of the people and nature that surrounds you and have a blast with it! Being positive, trying new things and having fun is essential for having an awesome life! I love working with kids because they allow me to act this way, play and teach in a way so that they too can be positive and appreciate nature and whatever else life offers them! Interests: My interests include basically everything except eating mushrooms! I really enjoy hiking, kayaking, sports, playing with dogs, eating bacon and bananas, and trying new things!


Age: 25
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.  Resource Management with an emphasis in environmental education/interpretation and adventure education
Experience: I have been working in the outdoor field for ten years, from guiding canoeing in Northern Minnesota to sea kayaking in Southeast Asia, Alaska, and Northwest Washington. I have taught a year at High Trails, one season in Central ? and Central ?  I have a few other camp jobs, here and there.  Most of my free time I choose to be outside with other people and share what I know about the natural world and whatever catches their eye.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I feel that gaining an understanding of the natural world around you, you care more about how your actions directly impact it.  I love the light bulb moments of realization of the interconnectedness, regardless how small.  Our youth is the future of our planet, if given the information young and in an exciting and positive way, you can instill life learners and future crew of our space shop Earth.
Interests: playing guitar / ukulele and singing, rock climbing, camping, exploring, ultimate frisbee, slack lining, cooking / baking


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Maine Farmington “Go Beavers” BA in Outdoor Recreation, Business Administration
Experience: Tactical sailing coach (2 years); leisure sail instructor (5 years); snowboard coach (2 years) outdoor club president (2 years)
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I  dig working with kids because it allows for a certain freedom of discovery that I feel is lost when dealing with the structure of adult life.  It gives me a real chance to impart the wisdom I have gained while gathering the beautiful influence that is inherent to childhood experience.
Interests: general radness, musicking, board sports, fresh air, puns, burritos, ducks


Age: 34
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Tennessee; Cartography
Experience: 3 years in outdoor / experiential education
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy:  I love having the opportunity to introduce children to the natural wonders of the natural world and help them realize a deeper and more meaningful connection to the environment.
Interests: skiing, climbing, and trout fishing



Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Whitman College; Biology
Experience: I’ve couched a bit and taught a bit, but in general, outdoor education is new to me and I’m excited to see what it is all about.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: It’s exciting to share my interests and values with groups of young people who are still learning about the world in big doses and forming their own opinions and philosophies.  It’s an awesome responsibility to get to share some of what I’ve learned and experienced to hopefully have a small, positive impact on other people’s lives and broaden their perspectives.
Interests: I try to be open-minded and take an interest in everything.  That said, some of my more developed interests are spending time with people I enjoy, spending time outdoors in any capacity, and watching San Antonio Spurs Basketball.


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Experience: Taught at an orphanage in Kenya, Africa.  Worked in my church Sunday School and VBS.  Worked as a naturalist, teaching people about the flora and fauna of Southeast Alaska.  Educated the public on the Hawksbill sea turtle to increase awareness and protection efforts.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love kids’ passion and excitement over the simplest of things.  My philosophy: show people the beauty of the world so they can be inspired to protect it.
Interests: running, swimming, hiking, backpacking, traveling, photography, kayaking, triathlons, camping, snow boarding


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: Western Kentucky University; Recreation Administration
Experience:  Summer camp ropes instructor; after school programs
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: When working with kids, no day is ever the same, but every day I have the chance to inspire and lead kids in a positive way.
Interests: I really enjoy staying active by working out regularly and playing a variety of sports.  I am also a huge adrenaline junky always looking for a new thrill.  When I need to relax, I love to fish, hunt, kayak, camp, and take advantage of anything else the great outdoors has to offer.


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Bethel University; K-12 music education
Experience:  I have had the privilege to work with children in many different ways.  My favorite has been in music classrooms.  I have also been involved in many different outdoor activities.  I am excited to combine my two passions.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: We live in a world defined by standardized tests when the reality is that no student is standard.  If we can shift our teaching away from the ‘average’ and focus on the individual, each student will excel in their own way.
Interests: backpacking, climbing, swimming, tennis; Just Get Me Outside


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Louisiana State University; Creative Writing, minor in French
Experience:  Middle School Language Arts teacher at Rougon Elementary; Instructor at The Outdoor School in Marble Falls, Texas; Studied abroad in France
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: It’s so exciting to view the world through the eyes of children.  As a person who’s constantly trying to learn more about the world around me, I enjoy doing it in the company of kids.  Questions are limitless, discovery is a thrill, and life is an adventure!
Interests: I love to travel, to meet new people, and to experience new things.  I feel at home in the mountains — whether it’s hiking, camping, kayaking or photographing a beautiful view. Also, chocolate.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Georgia Southern University; Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies – concentrations: Environmental Studied, Cultural studies – minor: Theater
Experience: Most recently, I was an instructor at Georgia Southern’s Center for Wildlife Education, teaching ages 6 – 12.  Before that, I spent several summers coordinating / implementing various curriculums at summer camps, as well as working in childcare at the YMCA.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: One of my favorite quotes says that “Children see magic because they look for it.” I think that it’s incredibly important to tap into that imagination and encourage students to be free thinkers and to follow their passions before society tells them otherwise. Children are the future, and the future needs more people who care about things other than themselves and money.
Interests: I spend the majority of my time in the outdoors.  I’m incessantly fascinated by the natural world, but I also love acting.  I’ve performed internationally, both onstage (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) and in film (Cannes Film Festival – France).


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: Knox College; Environmental Studies
Experience: Elementary Education, Teaching Assistant, Conservation Education
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: The solution to current problems is education.  A kid with a well-rounded education is a kid that will solve problems.
Interests: fishing, biking, hiking, country music, cattle, llamas


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Colorado at Boulder; Environmental Studies
Experience: Babysitter since age 13; worked for agencies for the past 5 years.  Camp counselor at day camp, Vail, CO.  Forever explorer of mountains and outdoor environments.  Wilderness First Responder certified.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids approach the world with a sense of wonder that often gets lost as people grow up.  It’s important to keep a broad perspective and stay open to learning and working with kids is a good reminder to always stay receptive.
Interests: skiing, mountain biking, climbing, rocks and trees, laughing, exploring, painting


Age: 25
School, Degree and Certifications: Hendriz College 2013; Psychology / French
Experience: Crew leader for a conservation corps in the Pacific Northwest; alternative education assistant; counselor at a wilderness canoeing camp, wilderness therapy field guide; lifeguard
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: We are all teachers, and we are all learners!  I love helping kids discover their passions and interests while exploring our deep interconnectedness with all things.
Interests: Activating my magical powers!


Age: 26
School, Degree and Certifications: Sonoma State University; Communications
Experience: I’ve spent two summers as a camp counselor in beautiful Idyllwild, California, helping students grow into themselves and providing support as they pursued the arts. After this experience, I became an outdoor leader; my experience includes: facilitating challenge courses, leading outdoor trips at my college, and guiding climbing trips in Alaska.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Working with kids reminds me to stay young at heart.  Children’s goals are to learn, grow, and have fun; as we grow older, we should not lose sight of those goals.  I, personally, try to grow as an individual every day, pushing my comfort zone and constantly trying to think outside the box.
Interests: Reading, cooking, rock climbing, hiking, meeting new people, and building lasting connections with people


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Experience: I was a swimming an water polo instructor for three years.  I also worked as an instructor and chapter director for an outdoor education nonprofit with the goal of instilling a love for nature and the importance of conservation in the next generation.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I believe that knowing about the world around us fuels our love for it and uncovers our intrinsic creativity.  I love the curiosity and excitement children share with the world.
Interests: running, climbing, eating, coffee, botanizing, learning and connecting with awesome people


Age: 34
School, Degree and Certifications: Western Washington University, Cultural Anthropology
Experience: I have taught English as a second language in the country of Georgia.  I have taught survival skills at Trackers Earth in Portland, OR.  I was in the military for 8 years (5 years active duty / 3 years active reserves). I am a bit of a jack of all trades working in many different fields.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: “One can only see rightly with the heart.  What is essential is invisible to the eye.” -Little Prince
Interests: expanding my horizons, hiking, drawing / coloring, playing music, traveling, learning new skills, stop-motion animation


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Colorado College, BA in Environmental Policy, minor in Music
Experience: I have worked at two different summer camps focused on youth development. The first of these was an environmentally themed day camp in Atlanta, GA called Enviroventures where I serves as an instructor.  The second was and outdoor summer camp called called Camp Cheley where I serves as a backpacking counselor leading groups throughout Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding wilderness areas.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy fostering a sense of stewardship for our surrounding world, both natural and societal at a young age.  I feel that by building a greater understanding of the systems that surround our lives, we can develop a responsibility, love, and joy of constantly improving our lives and everything around us.
Interests: playing guitar and singing in bands, skiing, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, playing hacky sack, generally shredding the gnar


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Slippery Rock University; Parks and Resource Management
Experience: I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, two miles from a national park. I fell in love with the outdoors through my experience as a boy scout.  I attended college in western Pennsylvania and spent my summers working for local parks and training for trail running races.  After college, I spent three years working in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia;  I lead backpacking trips, was a mountain bike instructor, and a group facilitator.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy teaching kids about the outdoors because being outside benefited me a lot growing up and I like being able to give that experience to kids.
Interests: Running, mountain biking, traveling, reading


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: Capella University, Management and Marketing
Experience: I’ve lived and worked at camps almost my entire life, doing everything from summer counselor, outdoor ed instructor, retreat conference coordinator, day camp director, and senior staff.  I also taught preschool and ran an after-school program at the YMCA.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids are the 8th wonder of the world.  Philosophy – “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”
Interests: reading, hiking, biking, climbing, living the dream


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Massachusetts Amherst; major: Anthropology; minor: Education
Experience: Experience working with kids of all ages, from teaching English to kindergartners in South Korea to elementary students after school and the YMCA to teenagers at a Girl Scout Camp on Cape Cod.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love kids because they will always keep things fresh and surprise you!  They keep me busy using all of my creativity to entertain them. In turn, I love helping them grow and learn about themselves.
Interests: I am a marching band lover, a board game geek, a fantasy / sci-fi fan, and an avid enthusiast of being outdoors.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: UC Davis, Zoology
Experience: I like to say that I am well-rounded.  I have worked in food service, with animals as a veterinary assistant, insect researcher, and in skate shops.  In addition, I have mentored numerous young skateboarders and rock climbers over the years. So fun!
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Number one reason: KIDS ARE FUN! If you can’t have fun and be a goofball around kids then who can you do this with?  Aside from fun, kids keep it real.  They know what they like and are not afraid to express it. They constantly remind me to do what I love.  Basically my philosophy can be related to this insightful quote, “Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” -Heraclitus
Interests: skateboarding, rock climbing, outdoor exploring, reading, listening to music (don’t really play instruments, but would like to learn, ANTS (yes, …ants.  They are everywhere and they are cool), and my doggy child, Baxter


Age: 27
School, Degree and Certifications: Bachelors of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology
Experience: I am the oldest of my siblings, so I’ve always been familiar with teaching younger kids.  This has really kept me young at heart which helps me to easily relate to kids.  I also participate in an outdoor education program where I taught 5th graders about birds and mammals.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because I value imagination very highly.  I love the way that children look at the world.  They see the world for all its wonder, which is so rare these days.  This sense of wonder should be stimulated and preserves at all costs.  These young visionaries can and will shape the future.
Interests: I am an avid birder, writer, and photographer.  I love wildlife and crave new adventures.  I love meeting new people to share my life with.


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: UMass Amherst, Biology
Experience: I have experience working with kids teaching swimming and diving as well as leading and teaching kids in Boy Scouts.  Since I was little, I have had a passion for the outdoors and have been able to pursue this passion by working on several avian survey research projects and exploring natural areas through backpacking and trail running.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: It gives you a chance to be a great role model and provide a positive influence to make a difference in the younger generation. I had a lot of those folks in my life growing up and I want to be able to give back and inspire others the way others inspired me.
Interests: running, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and anything outdoors


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: Keuka College, Educational Studies
Experience: Field periods through Keuka College in various classroom settings and classes that I took,  Volunteer experiences in the community working with children.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids always put you in a good mood.  I love teaching them things that they haven’t learned and being able to see how interested they are in the topic.  I love knowing that I will have an impact on their life in some sort of way.
Interests: sports, being outdoors, camping, trying new life experiences


Age: 30
School, Degree and Certifications: I have a BS in Marine Biology and MS in Oceanography / Molecular Biology from the University of RI and Graduate School of Oceanography. I also received a business accreditation from Harvard Business School.
Experience: I’ve worked as a marine outreach scientist, substitute taught at a charter school in Boston, and volunteered for many science outreach programs.I’ve done field research cruise to Alaska and Bermuda.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids are so rewarding to work with and I find them to be sponges for what goes on around them. Which is why I want to provide positive outdoor learning activities!
Interests: Anything outdoors: camping, backpacking, scuba diving, photography, snowboarding.


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Elon University, Physics
Experience: America Reads tutor, Built a rock climbing wall in rural India
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I have as much fun teaching kids as the kids have learning.  I love learning from students and inspiring appreciation for the outdoor world in my students.
Interests: climbing, biking, hiking, fishing, slacklining, and anything in the ocean!


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Maryville College, Philosophy
Experience: Worked at an outdoor company called Mountain Challenge through college where I facilitated low and high ropes courses as well as led kayaking, caving, rock climbing, hiking, and team building activities.  Also worked at various summer camps teaching in the outdoors.  WFR certified.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they have potential for so much excitement and passion when you teach them in a hands-on manner.  Working with children is one of the most effective ways we can shape the future, so taking them outside and teaching them about the natural world is important to me.  Helping a kid to find a new passion outside keeps me motivated and excited about life myself.
Interests: learning new plants, hiking, stand up paddle boards, cooking delicious food for myself, reading dense philosophical texts other people avoid, and collecting.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Colby-Sawyer College, Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies
Experience: Created and taught my own three-week water education course for sixth graders at Seekonk Middle School
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I believe the most effective way to reach the majority of kids is to get them involved in their curriculum.  Getting them involved outside the confines of the 4-wall classroom opens their curiosity and influences healthy questioning and social interaction.  Seeing kids enjoy a lesson plan means a lot and is a rewarding experience because I know I am positively influencing them.
Interests: fitness, nutrition, personal training, drumming, long walks on the beach, cooking, being outside, hiking, athletics of all kinds


Age: 21
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Phoenix, Environmental Science
Experience: A variety of odd jobs and volunteer positions along with a lifetime’s worth of interest in the outdoors.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids inspire me and energize me. I think it’s important to instill a sincere appreciation for the natural world in them, and the beautiful mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest are a great place to do so.
Interests: hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, reading, writing, record collecting, spending time with family and friends, and meeting new people


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Michigan, BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Experience: I have worked with kids in various capacities from teaching English in Tanzania, lifeguarding in Baltimore, tutoring in Detroit, and most recently, working with elementary-aged students at a science and nature camp in Ann Arbor, MI. I have also worked as a research assistant in an ecology lab and as an expert snow cone maker.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy (and appreciate our natural resources)!” -Mrs. Frizzle (with help from me)
Interests: running, hiking, playing board games, obsessing over football (Go Blue! Go Ravens!), playing with insects


Age: 25
School, Degree and Certifications: Cedarville University, BS Environmental Science
Experience: Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, McKeever Environmental Learning Center, Delaware Nature Society, Echo Hill Outdoor School
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I love the excitement, enthusiasm, and curiosity kids have when interacting with the natural world!  There’s nothing more exciting than getting outdoors and wandering around the woods, and I’m super excited to share that experience with students!
Interests: I love looking for snakes and lizards and frogs. I’m excited to explore the woods around here more and learn about plants.  I also love cooking, and have a legendary pumpkin pudding recipe.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Thomas College, Psychology
Experience: Working as a school-based behavioral health professional at a day treatment school with kids ages 10-14
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids in an educational setting because we as instructors can get kids excited about learning and instill the desire to continue learning and growing into fully functioning young adults, academically and socially.
Interests: golf, biking, soccer, basketball, reading, hiking


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Wisconsin – Madison; Greek and Latin
Experience: I have spent four summers working at a summer camp as an environmental educator in New Jersey.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because they force yo to know yourself and hold yourself to a higher standard.  I also know, from personal experience, the impact a caring, enthusiastic teacher can have on someone’s life, and I work hard to be that person.
Interests: History, literature, philosophy, backpacking, skiiing, translation


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: Macalester College, BA Environmental Studies
Experience: I just finished an AmeriCorps year of service at the Stearns History Museum where I worked with kids on a community garden and led tours through an environmental history exhibit. I also worked as and environmental justice paraprofessional and ecoexperience student worker at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids always seem to bring a ton of positive energy and are a lot of fun to work with.
Interests: biking, climbing, hiking, brewing kombucha, and spending time outdoors


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Mount Vernon Nazarene University, BS in Biology (Environmental Track)
Experience: I assisted my mom with her three middle school choirs for several years; I helped at a 7th grade camp leading an ecology session for 3 years; last summer, I worked performing nest monitoring, vegetation surveys, and assisted with a banding of a white-headed woodpecker in Idaho.  Also, all through college, I was lab assistant and led several study groups.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I really enjoy working with kids because they are still learning their niche (just like we are), but we are given the opportunity to help and guide them.  I like to see the excitement in their eyes when they make a connection or learn something they can’t wait to share with friends and family.  I also really care for the environment and I like to pass along the importance of preserving it, especially to younger generations.
Interests: birding, insects, botany, hiking, reading, baking, dancing (particularly the tap variety) and singing


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Ohio University; Marine, Freshwater, and Environmental Biology
Experience: I’ve spent the last three years helping a nonprofit in Southeast Ohio with their outreach and education program.  A lot of that time was spent taking kids to the creek and showing them fish and bugs.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Growing up, I watched a lot of the Crocodile Hunter, and the enthusiasm of Steve Irwin definitely got me excited and passionate about the outdoors.  I would like to pass on my passion to as many people as possible and hopefully inspire some kids to love the outdoors.
Interests: guitar, running, archery, climbing, hiking, birding, cooking, herping, drawing, eating


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, ID; Bachelor’s of Science in Biology – emphasis in ecology and biodiversity
Experience: I was a teacher’s assistant at my university, and one of the opportunities I had was teaching middle-schoolers lessons on herpetology.  I studied abroad in Costa Rica for a semester where I fell in love with environmental biology, and continued my studies with various research projects in herpetology.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I LOVE working with kids because I feel like we can learn so much from them, yet help them grow into the best possible versions of them selves.  My philosophy in life is to find beauty in everything and everyone.
Interests: I’m always willing to try something new, and I love discovering fun activities that I’ve never done before.  If I’m outside, you’ll probably find me chasing lizards between rocks and crags.  I enjoy hiking, singing, meeting new people, eating watermelon, and laughing until my cheeks hurt.


Age: 22
School, Degree and Certifications: Appalachian State University, Bachelors of Science in Recreation Management
Experience: I’ve worked in the camp setting for 3 summers, mainly with middle school kids.  I taught swim lessons and led backpacking trips.  I’ve worked abroad in Kenya and Columbia teaching English to 1st graders.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy working with kids because of the unique perspective they bring.  I love their excitement and energy!  I always learn something new when I teach.  I love seeing the “light bulb” go off in their heads.  It brings me fulfillment seeing them grow.
Interests: I love the outdoors.  I enjoy backpacking, hiking, and camping.  I also love sports and grew up swimming.  I love art and enjoy painting.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Maine; B.A. Communications, B.S Business
Experience: I’ve spent a quarter century playing in the outdoors of New England, and spent this past fall camping across America from New Hampshire to California.  I’ve worked with kids in a variety of settings, including teaching students to run their own business.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Having worked with kids and adults, I definitely prefer kids.  They’re fun, they’re full of surprises, and they’re definitely our future.
Interests: Playing outside, finding the perfect cup of coffee, a good book, getting lost on a dirt road, and enjoying a great burrito.


Age: 24
School, Degree and Certifications: Urban Studies – concentration in Environmental Science and Secondary Education
Experience: Just completed student teaching at Park East High School in East Harlem, New York.  Spent summers teaching water chemistry, navigation, and estuary ecology on a tall ship on the Hudson River and doing marine ecology research on a vulnerable island species.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: Kids are why I want to keep on learning!  They make everyday really funny.
Interests: Swimming, biking, cooking for friends and family, supporting the slow but sure to read revolution!


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Natural Resources with a concentration in Human Dimensions
Experience: Some of my best friends have kids.  Professionally, I have served as a Teacher’s Assistant for Adult Education, served as an after school program supervisor, worked in food service, and did door to door marketing.
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: i enjoy working with children because I am good at it.  I can adapt to a variety of unique personalities to create meaningful change.  Gifford Pinchot once said, “The vast possibilities of our great future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.”  This crucial time and the significant resource provided by High Trails give them vast possibilities.
Interests: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.  Skateboarding, lifting, running, card games, and literature.


Age: 23
School, Degree and Certifications: San Diego State- CPT; Humboldt-CNA
Experience: Camp work and personal training
Why I Enjoy Working With Kids/My Philosophy: I enjoy the challenge and growth of working with students and believe in all our interconnectedness to the Earth and Universe. We are all one.  Love is the only answer.
Interests: Anything fitness or outdoor related.




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